Claudia Polar

Meeting Augusta Barreda and facing a vital personality is like encountering a kinetic energy that both sparkles and surrounds you, frequently without previous intention.

The same happens with her work , which has gone through Ancestral Anergies, Cosmic Energies, Contemporary Energies and the last, Silent Energies, to new expression forms. Always in a personal search, she begins with etching language, from where she has evolved inevitably towards sculpture, with that creative force she has.

Augusta is a sculptress that nurtures her work from a very personal philosophy of existance, also being an artist deeply interested in nature and its preservation, in life itself and evolution of thought. With an important renovation capacity, Barreda has found in herself her own means of expresion, the symbols and metaphors that allow a contemporary language, free of conditioning and conventionalism.

Wood, metal, glass, bronze foundry or the mixture of various materials, has greatly characterized the artist s work for over 25 years of her career, which has elapsed equally in such different scenarios as: Río de Janeiro, Lima, Caracas, Madrid and New York.

After living for 15 years in Caracas, Augusta Barreda, now back in Perú, presents this new proposal, different and renewed, saving an important angle of her personality: her playful and free essence; a different vision from what she had us used to in previous exhibitions.

Wood is the material chosen and interior Nature the theme of this new exhibition. Enormous characters of different forms and colours, make up this forest of volumes that gain independent life and sorround the spectator, introducing him or her to this world of freedom and internal strength that distinguishes the artist.

With an important expresive evolution, the artist continuously deepens into the dynamic possibilities of her work, without abandoning previous proposals, definitelly opens new horizons in her artistic work.

September, 2003